Om mig

My speciality is art, culture and interesting people.
My style of expression is crossboarding and straight forward.
My inspiration is Li Kioko, artist and poet, crossbuilder between different cultures and people, between word and picture. She was born in Brasil, with japanese parents and came to Sweden as a poet she became an artist.

I thank her and my father Ingemar for their deep sense and understanding for the language, people and the world. Also my growth in the minevillage Norrahammar outside Jönköping, as my roots in Brasil and Japan.

I always photographed private and professionally as a journalist. Previously I did some videoprojects and also translations from English and Portugese.
I have a good voice, I can speak English, French and Portugese.
I also work with taking care of Lis art.
2015 I published a book about her life, history and art, financed through CrowdCulture.

My film about Li Kioko

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